Happy 10th Birthday iPhone!

I recalled the excitement that I had the first time I held the box that contained the iPhone. It wasn’t my first smartphone (that was the Palm Treo). It wasn’t my first iPod (I probably had 3 then). It wasn’t my first PDA (that was the Compaq iPAQ). But it was the first that artfully blended all of them together into a seamless amalgamation of software and hardware

You have to understand, it was a far simpler time back then. The only other Apple product that managed to create so much personal excitement was the iPod. Nokia was the undisputed brand and volume leader in the mobile phone industry.

The first version of the iPhone is pretty bare by today’s standard. It didn’t have a front camera. It only supported EDGE. It didn’t allow you to install apps. It had a whole lot of restrictions on what you can do with regards to the appearance of software in the phone. Furthermore, the screen was relatively small even by the standards of those days.

But in spite of all this, the revolutionary things that the iPhone allowed people to do far out weight the limitations that came with it. Multi-touch changed the way people interact with the smartphones forever. Desktop quality browsing on the go means that information is always available on your finger tips whenever and wherever you need it. Good quality camera and an easy to use photo management software have replaced point-and-click cameras.

So happy 10th birthday iPhone! Here’s looking to another 10 years more!



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