Spot the difference…2/2

Time Square, until we meet again…, originally uploaded by CeeKay’s Pix.

Now, compare the previous photo with this? Do you see a difference? If you are using Firefox, you would see a world of a difference. The 2 files have been embedded with different color profiles. I’ve been toying with using Adobe Lightroom 1.0 for Mac OS X and I have been exporting the my photos using either AdobeRGB (1998) or ProPhoto color spaces.

I was wondering why my photos turned out dull when viewed from Cheryl’s notebook when I fired up Firefox on my Mac and discovered the same issue as well.After Googling around, it turns out that AdobeRGB and ProPhoto is used for printing. For the best color reproduction on screen for most browsers (IE, Safari and Firefox), the graphic files should be saved under the sRGB color profile.Darn…this means that I would have to respost the New York photos all over again! Or maybe not…just download Safari 3.0 for (now for Mac and Windows!) to see photos as how I intended them to look like.

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