Clear afternoon in KL

The Twins, off centered, originally uploaded by CeeKay’s Pix.

Cheryl and I were about to have a late lunch last Saturday at Yut Kee when it started to rained. I brought my camera along just in case if we chance upon a UFO because I wanted to capture high resolution images of these mysterious celestial vessels. These would definitely guarantee me a high level of interestingness in Flickr and also make us rich (buwahahahaha), but I digress…

Anyway, after the sumptuous meal of kaya toasts, half boiled eggs and belacan fried tung fun, the rain stopped and the grey skies parted to reveal a beautiful blue hue that is rarely seen in cloudy and hazy KL.

I snapped away and got some pretty interesting shots of the city. The photos I got contained no ET but I wasn’t disappointed.

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