Spring in Oslo

City Hall Oslo, originally uploaded by CeeKay’s Pix.

I haven’t been to Scandinavia since the days when I was still in Cell Network, which was a good 6 to 7 years ago.

Recently, I was in Oslo for work. Perhaps not a lot of people (outside of the telco industry) know that DiGi is owned by the Telenor group. We are part of the 7th largest telecommunications company in the world.

We managed to take some time off to see Oslo. I’ll be uploading some photos as I get the time to do it.

David Archuleta Fans, Thank You!

I was really surprised by the overwhelming response to my photographs of David Archuleta who performed here in Kuala Lumpur last week. It all started when I uploaded 4 of them to Flickr yesterday. I managed to capture one where David stood right in front of a spotlight, creating a nice effect.

David Archuleta

Less than 36 hours after posting, I got a comment from archuletafansgermany in Flickr who thought that it was the best photo of David in concert that he/she? had ever seen. Archuletafansgermany proceeded to write a review about the photo in www.archuletafansgermany.com and on www.snarkyarchies.com.

What happened in the next 6 hours was surreal. The story was picked up by www.fansofdavid.com and www.thedavidchronicles.com with links to the above photo. Subsequently, my average Flickr daily views picked up from an average of 180+ per day to an all time record high of 1292 yesterday in a matter of hours!

My Flickr Stats Page

Stats of Photos Viewed

It goes to show the popularity of David Archuleta and the global appeal that he possessed that endeared him to his legion of loyal and highly passionate fans. Seeing him perform first hand, I was really impressed with his voice and his ability to work the audience. He has a natural shy boy charisma that would continue to capture the hearts and minds of swooning young girls (and boys) all over the world.

Thank you David Archuleta for the pose and thank you David Archuleta fans for your kind comments!

Hainan Island, China


Chairman Mao, originally uploaded by CeeKay’s Pix.

Due to the ridiculously low prices of AirAsia tickets during one of their infamous sales, we ended up in Hainan, an island located at the southernmost part of China.

Renown as a local tourist hot spot, I was extremely disappointed at the lack of attractions that people have come to associate China with: high quality pirated goods, mouth-watering delicacies and spectacular sights.

More pictures on my Flickr page

House Renovation

At the end of 2007 and in search of a new home, we looked around from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail to the myriads of new and confusingly named Damansaras but somehow Lake Fields always had a spot in our hearts due to its contemporary design and finishing. At that time, the realtor had 2 units from us to choose from: a Feng Shui friendly one (which had the entrance to the powder room sealed and hence not facing the main door) and another one which didn’t. In the end, Feng Shui played no part in our decision and we chose the one that was nearer to the guard house and the water tower. We figured then that the clear unblocked path from the main door to the powder room would work out well in cases of emergencies that couldn’t wait. 

Flash forward to roughly 7 months ago, which is the amount of time required to “complete” a purchase of the property (which warrants another rant), we appointed a contractor to perform some renovation work on the house for us. Perhaps “some” is relative as the work turned out to be quite major indeed. In addition to sealing the powder room entrance (after reassuring ourselves that the odds of the sort of emergencies that would actually occur in which such a configuration would serve to be beneficial is quite infinitesimal), we decided to include a show piece in the house.

One idea that immediately struck us was that our new place has a double volume living area. This would look very nice if the house that we got was a corner unit like below:-

But unfortunately, we got a non-corner unit so it unexcitingly looked like this:-

Which wasn’t too bad but we wanted to explore what we could do with all the space. That was when the thought of building a loft came to us. The more we thought about it, the more we fell in love with the concept of having a loft overlooking the living room. To build the loft, our contractor first built the structure of the platform with wood (as a mold for the concrete) and reinforced the stucture with intenal steel wireframes.

Next, they poured the first layer of concrete onto the structure. The holes in the walkway are for the downlights below. The white pipes contained electrical wirings.

Once the initial layer is set, another layer is added on top to even up the surface.

The whole concrete structure was allowed to dry. (I resisted the temptation to run into the area to jump up and down).

And penultimately, they’ve added the railings recently which made it safe(r) for me to climb over there to perform my jump tests. I did and the new loft was strong enough to withstand my jumps.

The whole process of building the loft took place over the span of 4 months. The final step will be to add in the wood railing and the timber floor which will take up another 4 to 6 weeks.

Hopefully, we will be able to move into the new place before June this year (fingers crossed so very tight!)