Working from Home

It’s been close to 4 months now since we started working from home. Right now, we are currently in a 3-team rotation.

I love working from home. There’s no tedious need to travel, thinking about how to appear not to dress up while dressing up and physically showing up for meetings that have no particular reason to exist. Yes, life now tends to be more straightforward. Sure, we lose the “personal” touch thing but I do feel (at least for now) that this is somewhat over-rated. Or perhaps this is the inner introvert me speaking.

Yes, work life is better but not necessarily balanced. Take my hiding place in the house: my mancave. Prior to Work from Home, my mancave was the place that I go to in seeking solitude from the world. It is here that I curl up (metaphorically) to my books and random YouTube videos that should never be played in front of two preteen daughters in the living room TV. Now, it has the mental stench of the office, where the odors of workplace frustrations hang ethereally wherever I turn to. It used to be place to decompress but I seem to be doing more of that now in the living room in front of the family.

But I digress.

Working from home allows me more time to rack up some kilometers on my bike without the dreaded sense of discovering that I am going to be late for an early meeting that has been unceremoniously slotted into my schedule without my prior knowledge. It allows me to have a higher quality of engagement with Cheryl (assuming that she doesn’t have to go into her office for work) and the kids during break times.

I do not know if this arrangement will change in the future. But as long as it lasts, I will try to make the best out of it.

I just wished that I can resist munching on snacks in the house though…

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