The alpha

This is the very first entry in my weblog using iBlog- a great product given away for free by the good people of .Mac with every subscription!

I think blogging is a good way to preserve one’s ideas and personality after the inevitable expiration of one’s material self. The Egyptians believed that mummification of a pharaoh king allows for eternal life after death. And in a way it is true. What the pyramids preserved, in addition to mummified remains, are the writings, jewelry, stories and documents from the pharaoh’s life. By studying these artifacts, one experiences again the pharaoh king through the richness of the written language.

What I’m trying to do here is to record my thoughts as much as possible. What triggers an entry for me will be one of the following reasons:-
1. I am bored.
2. I am ecstatic
3. I am sad
4. I am happy
5. I have nothing to share
6. I have lots to share

Each pair is a contradiction but then again, so am I. These writings, before the blog, are normally written and stored in my Powerbook, but now, I am publishing them for the world to read.

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