Something’s amiss with Apple

I’m using and have owned various Apple products through the years. I’m typing this blog post on an iPad Pro that is tethered to my iPhone 6S Plus while regularly checking my Apple Watch to ensure that I don’t miss my next appointment. When I get home, I watch Netflix on my TV via an Apple TV and then check my emails on my iMac before I go to bed.

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Apple September 2014 Event Keynote

It is really weird that Apple’s announcements are always called keynotes. I remembered times when a keynote meant the most important speech that always underscores the theme of an event. It is supposed to precede an event. Apple’s Special September Event is just that– an event where the only thing happening was the keynote.

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New iPhone by June 2009

I know that I may sound biased but this is really not the right time to get a Maxis iPhone.

This is not because there are a lot of complaints coming from the blogs that the cost of ownership for a “legit” iPhone 3G in Malaysia is extremely prohibitive (which it is).

It is also not because the iPhone can’t do a lot of the things that we had taken for granted that even a low end phone can do like forwarding SMS, sending and receiveing MMS, doing video calls, copy and pasting.


The reason why people should wait is because a newer, 3rd generation (not 3G which is the 2nd), iPhone is going to be launched by June this year.

First off, AT&T spilled the beans like a drolling cowboy in a campfire.

Secondly, geeks without a life painstakingly went through every line in the new Firmware 3.0 like ants on heat to reveal hidden references in the source codes to new phone models.

Thirdly, Paul (not-the-Steve-Jobs) Schiller, the senior VP of Product Marketing of The Apple over at the holy land of Cupertino illuminated the masses (via his chosen vessel, David Pogue of the New York Times) by explaining that June is the traditional cycle of iPhone product launches.

And finally, Apple has a WWDC on June 8-12, 2009. All of the pent up cool things that they are planning to announce could be climatically ejaculated during this time to the mass elation of Apple fan boys (and the gadget-lusting Christmas shoppers).

One can almost join all of the dots to savely conclude that the new iPhone is slated for June 2009 and it is going to be hot, hot, hot!

Spotify on the iPhone?

I’ve been using Spotify for a couple of months now and I have to say that is one of the best music service out there, bar none. Of course, when I said bar none, I meant bar none if you happened to live in the UK.

Unfortunately, customers outside the UK can only select from a limited number of content due to licensing restrictions. This has severely impacted the user experience of the service. I created an account (don’t ask me how) and was presented with an impressive collection of songs. After a few days, the server prompted me that it detected that I was “roaming” and asked if I wanted to change my country in my Spotify user settings.

I did that and I came to regret it as it removed more than 3/4 of the songs that I had put in my playlist. Drats!!!!

But I digress because the reason I’m writing this is because of this:-

Could it really be that Spotify is coming to the iPhone? How about latency over EDGE? Will it work the same way as the desktop client (ie. download music file to local harddisk and then obtain DRM play key from server for every play)? So many questions, so little facts.

Wow…I really can’t wait (even with the limited content now)