Free To Soar?

Ever looked at a caged bird? It’s desire to break free from the entrapment that we think of as its home is a natural predisposition to its species. Over the millions of years, it has evolved wings to allow it to fly. And fly away is what the bird will do when you open the doors of the menagerie.

For some of us, the fear of uncertainty is overpowering our courage to fly away. We cling on to our cages and look forward to our scheduled bird seed meals. As a result, the bird in the cage increasingly becomes complacent and dependent on the paltry meal consisting of broken seeds and discarded husks.

For those who dare, no longer will the restraints of bondage clip their wings. They are free to soar high above the clouds. Or they can chose to go the nearest tree. But most will go to another cage as a Pavlovian response, hopeful that this one will serve better seeds. After all, in a twist to the saying, familiarity breeds content

But those who really dare must also realize that being in captivity too long dulls one’s senses and sharpens one’s cynicism. The real test now is to see if we dare to discard the confining bearings of the cage of which we are used to and fly wherever the winds take us.

Only then will we be truly free.

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