Welcome to the world, Chloe

Introducing Chloe Koay, originally uploaded by CeeKay’s Pix.

It was scheduled for tomorrow but she just couldn’t wait.

Cheryl was having contractions last night and it persisted until this morning. Fearing that we were going to go into labour, she called up Dr. Ravi who asked that we come in within the hour.

Upon arrival, Cheryl was strapped to some thing-a-magics that could detect contrations, her heart rate and baby’s heart rate. When the doctor arrived, he advised that we go ahead with the C-section today rather than the scheduled one tomorrow.

I was then whisked away to don on the blue surgeon robe while they prepped up Cheryl for the spinal anesthetic. We met again in the operating theater and the baby Chloe out less than 15 minutes into the procedure.

We are very grateful that the baby turned out okay and our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ravi who handled the whole procedure professionally and to the staff of Gleneagles Intan Ampang who were very helpful.

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