New Hard Disk for PowerBook

Thanks to the PC Fair in KLCC last week, my PowerBook G4 had gotten a new 160GB hard disk. I’m installing all of the stuff into the machine now improvements in hard disk technology had made my PowerBook to load up faster, reacts more zippily, operate more silently with less heat.

I’ve also doubled the existing size of the hard disk. However, I haven’t been able to recover any of my old data yet. This reminds me of the importance of backing up. Even though I can now surf in the toilet again, I’m heart-sick that all of my precious data is still lost.

PowerBook’s Dead!

My PowerBook’s harddisk crashed today. My electronic life has come to a grinding halt. Not only have I lost the documents that I had started writing more than 15 years ago on my old 486, I’ve also lost all of my precious photos which I had taken since a decade ago when I got my first digital camera.

Sure, I have some backup here and there. But nothing as comprehensive and complete as what I have stored in my trusty, or so I thought, PowerBook. It is indeed a very dark day for me today.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- leaked!

Either it is one of the best marketing campaign or a big dent on the purported USD 20 million security that has been spent by Bloomsbury:- the latest Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been leaked to the Internet four days before it is supposed to go on sale on the 21st July 2007.

Someone has photographed (yes, photographed) all of the pages of the book and has posted ALL of them, not on the torrent networks, but on the World Wide Web! See here and here. Someone later downloaded all of them, divided them into chapters and started seeding them at That process took almost 3 hours but the effort produced a PDF file that contained all of the scanned images in the correct order and sequence.

The purported leak has also revealed the table of contents as shown below:-

The Dark Lord Ascending

In Memorandum

The Dursleys Departing

The Seven Potters

Fallen Warrior

The Ghoul in Pajamas

The Will of Albus Dumbledore

The Wedding

A Place to Hide

Kreacher’s Tale

The Bribe

Magic is Might

The Muggle-born Registration Commission

The Thief

The Goblin’s Revenge

Godric’s Hollow

Bathilda’s Secret

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore

The Silver Doe

Xenophillius Lovegood

The Tale of the Three Brothers

The Deathly Hallows

Malfoy Manor

The Wandmaker

Shell Cottage


The Final Hiding Place

The Missing Mirror

The Lost Diadem

The Sacking of Severus Snape

The Battle of Hogwarts

The Elder Wand

The Prince’s Tale

The Forest Again

King’s Cross

The Flaw in the Plan


I’m going to strain my eyes to read this tonight!

What are you doing right now?

Imagine a website that publishes everything that you do, every second of everyday. Imagine that your information to this website can be gathered via the phone, web, instant messaging or e-mail. This is the premise of, a social networking/web 2.0 (pick your own favourite jargon) web service. I’ve created an account and so far I have submitted 9 entries- 2 via SMS to a UK Orange number.

It is a pretty easy setup with very low barrier of entry for any company that intends to replicate the same model. All one needs is a web journal publishing engine that is integrated to a content database. It is also quite easy to build the engines to obtain information from web forms, IM, e-mails and SMSes.

I first read about Twitter in Wired Magazine (in fact there are 2 articles- one on the creator of Twitter, Evan Williams and one on the phenomenon) and forgot about the name all together. I recalled it was “Tweet” or something like that. Anyway, I stumbled on it again today when I was googling away at work to find ways to increase international SMS traffic.

For the uninitiated, Evan Williams is the kajillionaire who created and later sold Blogger to Google. Seeing that the barrier of entry is relatively low, what is the business model for Twitter anyway? What does it hope to achieve? Don’t get me wrong, I love the service- it’s fun and addictive at the same time. It serves critics to know that Williams was probably laughed at on the on-set when he created a website to publish peoples web logs about themselves. Now, he’s probably laughing all the way to the bank- or not. Why don’t we head down to his twitter to find out?

The US Trip Photosets Are Ready!

After a month of “post-processing” the photos, our US Trip Photosets are ready for public viewing on my Flickr site. 

They are divided into 4 sets:-

The Statue of Liberty II

Click here for the complete New York photoset.

Niagara Falls

Click here for the complete Buffalo photoset.


Click here for the complete San Francisco photoset.

Near the stars

Click here for the complete Los Angeles photoset.

Cleaned up the site

After adding on gunk for the past months, I’ve cleaned up the sidebar and the layout of this blog.

Gone are the GoogleAds, Bloggers Unite & Richard Dawkins Foundation buttons. New stuff include a page on Photography and also a new one page about me, myself and I.

I’m thinking of changing the theme for this site so it will look better.