The “thank you” for our wedding post

I haven’t been updating my blog too often. Work load is piling up and I just can’t seem to cope with writing even thought it is one of the most therapeutic form of hobbies that can delay the onset of madness (I think).

First off, I want to thank everyone who had helped out in our wedding…2 months ago. I know, I know it’s late and everything but I am of the opinion that a late thank you is better than an eternity of silence which could be construed as ingratitude. We had the wedding of our lives and we are extremely grateful for your assistance and friendship.

Also, I want to thank all those who made the effort to attend our wedding. Again, I know that we had the unfortunate luck of having a wedding dinner in a place next to race course on a weekend. I thank all of you for the 30 minutes wait in your car during the last 400 meter stretch, competing with punters who have no lives but to turn up in an empty race course just so they can see the live video from Singapore or somewhere where people race horses.

Lastly, I want to apologize for the long list of friends and family whom we had forgotten to invite to our event. Have heart that you were never forgotten (but only during the hectic months that lead up to our wedding).

What does it feel like to be married?

It feels blissful. It’s the same sort of bliss that I would feel if I were to combine the joy that I felt when I bought my first Apple PowerBook plus when I turned on my first iPod, plus when I first heard the Harbeth plus when I heard that George Lucas is embarking on the Prequels (err, no, strike that out- the prequels were shite), times a thousand. No, make that a million. No, make that 10 billion kazillion mazilion. And to complete it, power that amount to a googol.

Yes, after 6 months of hectic planning, Cheryl and I are back to being boyfriend and girlfriend again, albeit, a steadier than steady boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. And that, I guess, is what really matters: a couple goes through the process just so that they end up having back the wonderful lives that they had been having before the “M” question is popped.

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