Finally, all settled in…

One word of advice, moving house can reduce your weight significantly.

I found this out the hard way when we recently moved into our new place in Lake Fields. Apart from the anticipated physical work of the move, there is also the mental anguish when contractors do not complete their tasks on time and vendors break their promises to deliver on time. Of course, all those are a walk in the park when one compares it to the ultimate definition of frustration: dealing with the civil service.

(A disclaimer: I was really happy with the water and power service and I think that they were professional, courteous and prompt. Dealing with a quasi-civil service private entity like Telekom Malaysia on the other hand…)

Two weeks on, we are beginning to really love our new home. The boxes are all unpacked, the CDs, DVDs and books have all returned to their shelf (in order), the clothes are all hanged and organized neatly in our relatively gianormeous closet. Really love the orderliness of the whole place.

I also love my trimmer tummy and I really do hope that it lasts.

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  1. Hi, do you still have the contact of water and power services? Appreciate to get the contact from you as i just brought new house at lake field and plan to renovate soon. Thank you.

  2. Just would like to get the contact from you since you compliment the service for your house water and power contractor. It seems hard to get responsible good contractor for renovation in kl, all i met previously is not so professional.

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