No Weapons Found In Iraq

Colin Powell has conceded to reporters flying with him that there may not have been weapons of mass destruction after all in Iraq before the US invasion.

Body: With that, Powell’s impressive pre-war Security Council presentation that contained “proof” and “irrefutable evidence” has come crashing down. The hours spent in the preparation of the Powerpoint (not to mention the tireless efforts of the “creative” team to draw connections between Iraq, WMD and Al Qaeda) amounted to a presentation fit for Hollywood in their stereotypical Imminent-Threat-Coming-So-Hero-Briefs-The-Council-But-Council-Won’t-Listen scene

But the world remembers those chilling moments when Powell masterfully presented “intercepted” Iraqi radio transmissions between faceless evil Eye-Rack-EE commanders and their soldiers to hide weapons before the arrival of UN inspectors. We were also shown grainy satellite pictures that had been augmented by analysts’ color-by-number outlines of missiles, factories and make-shift labs.

And now it turned out that all the evidence were lies, mistruths and misinformation.

In fact David Kay’s resignation from the Iraq Survey Group- the group that has been tasked by the US administration to find WMD in Iraq- has dealt another blow to the assertion that there are WMD in Iraq. Kay’s parting shot at the Bush administration can be felt in his recent statement that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq- amazingly given to the press a few days after Bush quoted his report and recontextualize parts of it to fit his claim that Iraq has “weapons of mass destruction program activities” (don’t ask me what that means but it’s there in his State of the Union address).

Indeed the WMD “smoking gun” may prove to be as real as mirages in the Iraqi desert…

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